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Our History

Ashton Valley Fresh came to life in 2008, but our family's history

in produce goes back much further.

The Migration

In 1950 our great grandfather, Antonio Ceravolo, moved from Calabria, Italy, to the Adelaide Hills. He rented a house in Uraidla and began working on the Nicol's family orchard.

He was joined a few years later by his wife, Maria, and his first five children: Ralph, Francie, Joe, Connie and Phyllis. They were soon followed by Joyce, Rosie, Mary and Grace who were born here in Australia.

Valle di Sant’Antonio

By 1957 the family were able to purchase their own property in Ashton, known today as Valle di Sant’Antonio. The heart of our family business is still nestled there today.

Our humble beginnings were in market gardening. The whole family helped to grow anything from potatoes, onions, cauliflowers and cabbages to planting our first apple trees.

Planting the seed...

In 1978 Antonio’s first son, Ralph, and his wife, Josephine, bought a property down the road from the first family farm. They began filling it, as well as the original farm, with apple, cherry and nectarine trees and grew vegetables in between the rows.

Once they began selling the fruit from these trees we realised they were onto something, and soon the market garden was taken over with their focus now on pome fruit and cherries.

Ceravolo Orchards

1982 saw the third generation of Ceravolos enter the family business when Ralph’s oldest son, Tony, began working on the land. His younger brother Joe joined him and Ralph on the orchard a decade later.

Their addition to the company brought about a rapid growth and expansion as well as improvements to the Ashton site.

Ashton Valley Fresh

On the 26th of January 2008 the Ceravolo family, lead by Tony Ceravolo launched their value add and sustainability part of the business, Ashton Valley Fresh. They produced their first batch of apple juice, launched their original retail range shortly after, and haven't looked back since. The focus at this time was on bulk juice for cider and other juicing companies

Ashton Valley Fresh

In 2014 Joyce and Joseph, two of Tony's children took over the management of the Ashton Valley Fresh and began to grow and innovate the process and the product range. Today they have a small team of skilled staff and are heavily focused on sustainability and finding new and innovative ways to use as much imperfect fruit as possible.

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